WDC-Ready to use Liquid fertilizer
WDC-Ready to use Liquid fertilizer

WDC-Ready to use Liquid fertilizer

WDC-Ready to use Liquid fertilizer

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AnushikA Waste decomposer solution contains phosphate solubilizing bacteria it is 70 lakhs per ml minimum Hence it is not required any Biofertilizers particularly PSM bacteria from market . Waste decomposer solutions itself is a very high grade Biofertilizer.
Foliar spray-To control pests and diseases of agriculture and horticulture Crops. In-situ composting of crop residue. Liquid manure for soil through drip irrigation Seed treatment (Organic). AnushikA Waste decomposer helps the raise in soil micro-organism and leaves congenial environment for nutrients release by decomposing the plant/ crop residue in the field by releasing enzyme. Waste decomposer works as Bio fertilizer, Biocontrol and as well as soil health reviver.
Used for agriculture, Crop Protection, Waste Management, Agricultural production, Plant Health improvement, Soil Health Improvement, Agricultural and Horticultural Crop Production, Organic farming, Cost reduction while production.


It Fasten the composting.
It helps to breakdown the nutrients in soil.
It can be used as Seed treatment solution.
We can also use as Foliar Spray.


Maintain 60% moisture during entire period of composting with waste decomposer solution. Foiler Spray all corps upto 50% every 7th day, Vegetable crops 40% every 3rd day, Fruits corps 60% every 7th day.
simply spray/sprinkle the waste decomposer solution uniformly over anytype of seeds.
leave the treated seeds under shade for 30 minutes.
After 30 min. the seeds are ready for sowing.

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