HDPE Grow Bag 18" X 09"
HDPE Grow Bag 18" X 09"

HDPE Grow Bag 18" X 09"

HDPE Grow Bag 18" X 09"

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    Terrace Gardening, Leafy Vegetable, Grow Bag
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Product Details
Brand AnushikA
Colour Green / Orange
Material High Density Polyethylene
Shape Round / circle
Size Dia 18 inch / Height 09 inch

Tags: Plant bags, leafy vegetable grow bag, HDPE grow bag, grow bag, Terrace Garden grow bags, spinach grow bag


  • Width (or) Diameter: 18 inches 1 1/2 feet
  • Height: 09 inches or 0.75 feet
  • Size of usage: Spinaches grow
  • Density (or) Thickness: 200 GSM
  • Water trash holes: Available
  • Full UV stability against the sunlight for a longer life
  • Reusable after 7+ years
  • Made from durable woven polyethylene element

    Complete Specification

    • The HDPE grow bag which we offer are extremely durable and UV Stabilized, which are widely used to grow all types of plants available in various sizes and various density.
    • It can be usable for more than 5 years under constant use while resisting unrelenting sunlight.
    • Coco–peat, vermicompost or garden soil can be used as growing medium.
    • This grow bag can be used to grow all kind of Spinaches for Kitchen/Terrace gardening with lightweight and portability these bags can be placed anywhere and occupy very less space.
    • It's lightweight and portability, they can be easily moved anywhere around the garden or terrace.

    Plants that can be grown

    • All kind of Spinaches (Mint, Coriander, etc..)
    • Onion Garlic
    • small flowering plants
    • tulsi and similar plants
    Bags are cut to standard size mentioned and there will be variation in dimension after stitching.

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