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Rooftop Gardening

AnushikA offers the Best rooftop garden company. We create innovative gardens at your rooftop within a limited space. We define, design, and develop your rooftop into a full-fledged organic garden, with plants, vegetable gardens, etc. We make it easy to grow fresh, organic, seasonal vegetables on your terrace, rooftop, and veranda. We ensure the vision of the visitor tends to travel outwards on the horizon. Our expedition is to encourage sustainable and healthy production of fresh organic vegetables. We offer the products and expertise to grow vegetables within any urban setting. It’s easy and it’s healthy. Our experts shape your ideas in an artistic and sustainable manner. We design, create and maintain your rooftop gardening with our affordable maintenance package. The advantage of growing Fresh vegetables on the rooftop, we cover the un-utilized rooftops with a natural green cover which will significantly bring down the temperature of the building thus reducing the power consumption of the building.

The advantage of having a rooftop garden installation is the best way to save a significant amount of money on fresh produce. It is easily accessible on your roof-top. Besides giving good quality yield, a rooftop garden can be beneficial in so many other ways as well. Keeps the temperature cooler. The Best plants for rooftop gardens are fresh yields of medicinal herbs and organic fruits and vegetables.We are the Pioneers in the Manufacture of Maadi thottam Grow Bags in India.Our Grow bags are Manufactured using Pure virgin Raw Materials. Any terrace which has got a bit of flat surface can be used for cultivating vegetables.

Rooftop Vegetable Rooftop Flower Garden


  • Trained professional to shape your ideas to action
  • Economical cost for setting up your rooftop garden
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Helps you to grow self-sustainable healthy food
  • Helps to create the ambiance cool and a soothing environment.

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