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Micro Farming

The common factor in Micro farms industries is that it allows farmers to grow crops on a smaller area like patio or balcony usually micro-farming is done in Urban Cities and our focus is on sustainability and a commitment to being eco-friendly. We at AnushikA want to provide healthy and nutritious food to every household, which promotes better lifestyles. We help the hyper-local farm grow nutritious, pesticide-free, organic microgreens, and exotic leafy greens. We at AnushikA style our client’s Balcony or patios with customized plants that are suitable for their balconies and ensure we design their balcony or patios as per their specifications. Our Micro farming Experts give suggestions on the Maintenance and Helps to connect with nature in minimal space.

Micro-farms are often used for empty spaces like an unused basement garage, patios, or indoors. The ability to use a small space to grow or produce crops or plants is the only benefit of an indoor micro-farming system. Micro Farming allows us to create farms in locations where soil conditions are poor and it is most attracted in urban and suburban cities where the space is limited. No chemical weed or pest control products are needed for growing plants. Fresh greens and herbs are cultivated using micro-farming systems. The benefit of the Micro farming system is it actually requires 90% of the water required than any other soil-based farming. We design MicroFarm to be a very easy to use and effective product with long term life durability.

Micro Farming System Micro Farming Chennai


  • Plan experts gives suggestions on plant maintenance
  • Provides native seed for setting up organic farm
  • Cost efficient
  • Time saving
  • Access to high quality food

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